Montessori vs. Traditional Preschool

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One Size Doesn’t Fit All

A susinct matrix comparison of the AMI-Montessori approach and that of other traditional forms of education can be found here: Montessori vs. Mainstream Education.

This video also represents a good summary about the Montessori Method and its many benefits, as experienced by parents.

In traditional pre-schools that provide some level of academic instruction (i.e. beyond child-care), a teacher teaches the children specific educational concepts in a group. In contrast, the Montessori Method of Education recognizes the well-known fact that “one size doesn’t fit all”. That is, not all children learn in the same manner – far from that. Thus, Montessori education tailors its lessons and instruction approach to the unique needs and requirements of each child.

In the (true) Montessori school, children learn concepts spontaneously as they work independently with the many materials in the environment. The materials in the Montessori Classroom progress from simple to more complex design and usage, each level of understanding being worked through practice to reach the next level of understanding. The child has the ability, freedom and creativity to experience the materials from various angles. The child learns by arranging materials in a specific way, which explains the function of a concept. The movement and the work are inseparable. Through the handling and exploration by the child, the concrete materials begin to reveal abstract concepts to the child’s mind. The materials are designed for self-education, self-correction and boundless creativity.

For a list of other benefits that the Montessori Method of Education can offer over other traditional approaches, please visit our section Why Montessori. Also, you may visit the following guide with information about how to identify a school that offers proper Montessori education: Finding the Right Montessori School (page 237)

Further information about the vast and incomparable benefits of AMI-Montessori education can be found through the following links:

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