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A word from parents

I am writing this to thank Mrs. Kalika for building a great foundation for my children. I have two sons Austin 12 and Tanner 10 who attended Cedar Park Montessori from age 4 thru 4th grade. My oldest son Austin is doing awesome.

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He has maintained an ‘A’ average in all his classes, received commended performance on TAKS Test (which is missing no more than 4), and just recently he has been accepted to the Duke talented identification program. Being accepted to this means that he will have an opportunity to take the SAT or ACT with the high school students this year. My youngest son is starting his first year in public school this year. He is doing very well also. He was tested for Quest which is for gifted and talented students, in which he scored very high. He is very involved in school, joining chess and science club. I know that Tanner will excel on testing as my older son has. The teachers in public school have commented on what a great job Mrs. Kalika has done with my children and I thank her so much for this.

I am excited to see how their future unfolds and extremely grateful for all the hard work that Mrs. Kalika and her staff put in to teaching our children.

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- Lora Heath

Brooks started Cedar Park Montessori School at the age of 3 ½ and continued until the age of 12. His time at Cedar Park Montessori was very rewarding. Mrs. Kalika gave Brooks such a wonderful foundation, not just academically but also socially and he learned valuable life lessons that he will always remember.

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Brooks entered into Wiley Middle School, a brand new school, (LISD School district) as a seventh grader this year (2006-2007). He had no trouble adjusting or adapting to his new environment. He started off the year by running for Student Council Historian in which he had to stand in front of all the student body and faculty and give a speech as to why to vote for him for this position. He won the election and is part of the Student Council.
Brooks is on the Yearbook staff and was very excited to be able to help create the first ever Wiley Middle School yearbook. There are only 9 students on the yearbook staff and they had to work hard to turn in their spreads in order to meet their deadline to finish the yearbook.

Brooks is in the Quest Program which challenges him with several projects throughout the year. His first project was to write and illustrate a Children’s Storybook that he had to present and read to children at Elementary Schools. Brooks dedicated his Storybook to Mrs. Kalika for teaching him what is right. His Quest Teacher, Dr. Philip Powell, is working on getting his Storybook published.

Brooks was invited to join an exclusive Writing Club in which only a chosen few were recommended by their Language Arts teachers. In this club he will have to write poems and short stories which will then be entered into writing contests.

Students and Faculty selected Brooks to be part of the Peer Mediation program at Wiley Middle School. Out of 188 nominations, only 19 students out of the entire 7th grade were chosen. Peer Mediation allows students to help their peers communicate with one another in a neutral, safe and confidential setting. The goal is to resolve conflict to help maintain a safe environment in the school and community.

Many of Brooks’ teachers have given him Excellence Awards for his positive effort to pursue the 10 Ethical Principles, some which include respect, promise keeping, the pursuit of excellence and honesty.

This spring, Brooks tried out for the Boys Soccer team which is a combined 7th and 8th grade team. He made the Soccer team and is looking forward to being part of this new team.

Brooks was recently selected for membership into the National Junior Honor Society (NJHS), a highly respectable honor society that was created in 1929. The purpose of NJHS is to create enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote leadership, to develop character and to encourage citizenship. Membership is based on these five standards and the members have the responsibility to continue to demonstrate these qualities.

We are very certain that the foundation Brooks received with Mrs. Kalika at Cedar Park Montessori School has been a big part of Brooks’ success at Wiley Middle School. He was truly blessed to learn from such a wonderful teacher and will always remember what she taught him.

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- D. Goodwin

As a parent, I want to say that Cedar Park Montessori School has been instrumental in changing my child’s life. My child was at home with me until we found CPM.

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The patience and kindness that the staff showed toward my child, for months, until he made the transition, was phenomenal. He has thrived emotionally and soared academically. The school's philosophy was consistent with and supportive of our family philosophy, which made it easier for my child to feel comfortable and behave appropriately. He is happy and eager to learn. His reading and math skills have taken off. Thank you, Cedar Park Montessori, for giving my child the crucial start necessary for his education.

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