Why Montessori?

Why Montessori?

This video offers a brief overview of what distinguishes the Montessori Philosophy. The central focus of Montessori education is to help children achieve their full potential. The Montessori Method of Education is backed by over a century of research and its philosophical principles are acknowledged by developmental researchers, child psychologists, teachers and educational institutions worldwide.

Below, we list just a few of the multiple benefits derived from Montessori education. (See also: Why AMI Montessori?) Above all, AMI Montessori children are:

  • Happy, self-motivated and enthusiastically-disposed learners
  • Better socialized and equipped in conflict resolution
  • Fluent readers and masters of abstract mathematical concepts
  • Well advanced in grade placements
  • Calmly self-assured, polite and compassionate

Other important principles include:

  • The child is guided to learn at their own pace, through individualized lessons and specialized materials
  • Lessons are taught incrementally, starting with basic and concrete templates, facilitating an in-depth understanding of the subject and a sense of achievement. Gradually, more complex lessons are added with higher levels of abstraction until the more advanced concepts are fully comprehended. This methodology enhances the child’s self-confidence, independence and self-esteem.
  • Rather than focusing on individual subjects, the curriculum adopts an inter-disciplinary approach to learning. This methodology enables children to study, over extended periods of time, the various components and levels of each topic while cementing their understanding of the core concepts — thus distancing the over-reliance on memorization.
  • Multi-age class settings and an array of group activities throughout the day foster advanced cross-learning, socialization skills and leadership qualities.

For additional information about the benefits of Montessori, please visit our section “Montessori vs. Traditional Preschools.” The following guide can help in identifying the appropriate Montessori school for your family: Finding an Authentic Montessori School.