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Programs Offered

Our school excels at educating children in the age groups of:

Our educational approach comprehensively adheres to the methodology established by Dr. Montessori, and has been corroborated by over a century of research. Our programs and environments are carefully customized to the child’s age-specific stages of development and to each child’s singular needs.

This focus fosters within each child coping tools, happiness, self-assurance, independence, creativity and a lifelong love for learning and creative self-expression. You can find more information about this approach below and in our Montessori 101 and Montessori Method sections.

Adapting Learning to the Stages of Development

Dr. Maria Montessori noted that human development entailed passing through consistent and scientifically-defined stages of development throughout life. These impressionable stages of development are most fluid during a child’s formative years, with many personality characteristics and behavioral tendencies taking root at this stage.

Each developmental stage is marked by a specific set of characteristics and needs. Consequently, each stage requires a singular learning approach that corresponds with the child’s tendencies at that time. The Montessori approach ensures that the learning environments are tailored and carefully poised to meet the age-appropriate and evolving needs of the child.

Educational methods that overlook a child’s stages of development will defer to a more orthodox approach. Although thematic subjects may be age-level adapted, only the application of a stage-tailored methodology can ensure learning and developmental success.