Toddler Community

Toddlers - "I am an Explorer"

Half-Day: 7:45 am – 12:00 pm
Full-Day: 7:45 am – 5:30 pm

The early, formative years of a human being’s life form the bedrock of their overall development and underlying potential. During these first three years, intelligence, cultural awareness and language are defined and the foundations of social patterns, personality and spirituality take root.

It is during this time that a child’s physical and overall development deserve our singular care and attention. Moreover, an even deeper development is emerging within the child: their insatiable and impassioned need to explore every sensorial aspect of their environments. This is a time in their lives when their senses are in overdrive — and in need of both encouragement and careful monitoring.

Our toddler community is a natural and stimulating extension to the child’s home environment, leading to a fuller exploration of life’s key concepts, joys and comforts. Through an informed combining of the Montessori Method and the child’s stages of development, our school creates a safe, nurturing, child-centered environment geared to their singular and stage-appropriate needs.

Our toddler environment introduces children to basic preparation for the subsequent Primary environment: Attention to lessons, eating etiquette, toilet-training, working at a table, social decorum and courtesy, among others. Among many life skills, children learn independence and accountability through practical tasks such as wiping a spill, putting on their shoes, carrying, pouring, arranging items and so on.

A positive toddler community experience ensures a smooth transition to the Primary program.