Academic Philosophy

Academic Philosophy

Love of Wisdom

The word Philosophy signifies the “Love of Wisdom” in Greek and expresses the heart of our school’s educational ethos. We believe education is not about passive information overload. True education is for life — it necessitates applying authentic knowledge in practical ways toward the full realization of our highest potential as a human community. When education elevates our consciousness and informs our ethical choices, only then does it become a true and loving expression of wisdom.

Founded by three-time Nobel Prize nominee Dr. Maria Montessori, our schools subscribe to the core principles of the Montessori Method or Philosophy. Recognizing that every child already possesses the innate skills, abilities and qualities to achieve his or her highest potential, the Montessori Method simply prompts these physical, intellectual, emotional and innate faculties and nurtures them to their fullest expression.

Montessori Education is customized to each child’s specific abilities and needs, through individually tailored lessons and the use of specialized materials. Moreover, our multi-age classroom environments offer children opportunities to learn from each other while enhancing their social skills.

Cedar Park Montessori is also recognized in and implements the world-renowned Sathya Sai Education in Human Values program, or SSEHV. This is a unique character-development program which complements our schools’ whole-child development philosophy.