Frequently Asked Questions

We welcome applications and admit children throughout the calendar year but our waiting pool varies depending on the time of the year. We recommend submitting your application 12-18 months in advance.
To apply for admission, schedule a tour by calling the school or submitting an online form. During the tour, you will receive a pre-enrollment package and answers to any questions you may have. You should then submit the pre-enrollment forms along with the respective fee, in order to be added to the admissions list and schedule start date.
No. We want this decision to be right for everyone, child, family and school alike. It is difficult to make a decision about your child’s most crucial educational years, through a simple phone call or online application. The environment, staff and method to which you will commit your child must be experienced. Further, the authenticity of the Montessori Method must be directly observed. .
We are open year-round - including summers - except for major holidays, winter and spring breaks.
Assuming availability, we enroll students year-round.
Ideally, within the toddler age range. The Toddler program provides a significant foundation towards the Primary program. You may also enroll your child for the Primary program at the age of 3, provided he/she is toilet-trained. Primary is a three-year program and includes the Kindergarten year. The Elementary program is generally available for children who have completed the Montessori Primary program, although on the individual basis and upon an interview, we may consider students who come from other academic backgrounds.
Currently, our highest grade offered is Elementary 6th grade. Although we consider children of all academic backgrounds on an individual basis, we strongly recommend that children applying for our Elementary program have Montessori background..
Children should at least complete the Kindergarten year: This is the time when all of the learnings are cemented and fully manifest themselves – that aha! moment - a magical year during which everything that the child has experienced in the initial years becomes internalized and reinforced. The Primary Montessori program is a 3-year program for a very valid reason. In Montessori, the child grows from the concrete to the abstract learnings through a carefully-designed multi-year process, which aligns with the scientific developmental stages of a child. Similarly, for those who choose so, the Elementary Montessori program builds on the Primary program’s foundation through significantly higher levels of academic abstraction, while exponentially increasing creativity, independence and leadership.
Yes. Most of our children typically place one to two levels higher than their age equivalent grades and quickly move into advanced curriculums. However, the individual circumstances of each child, the timing when the child starts in our school and the involvement of the parents in the educational process play a significant role..
No. Our children are typically socially and academically ready. A short period of adjustment to the new methods and environments is to be expected, but our children are well prepared to adapt...