Parent Involvement


The Triple Partnership

The child’s learning process necessarily involves a three-way partnership between the child, the parent and the teacher. As children learn primarily by example — more so than by instruction — they instinctively follow not only teacher and peer role-modeling but also, significantly, that of their parents. A child’s parent is his/her first and most important teacher. As a result, no matter how inspirational, nurturing and educational a school may be, the parent’s educational role is indispensable.

Our school, as an authentic Montessori environment, epitomizes an exemplary community. In accordance with their individual abilities and interests, children of different ages support, interact with and learn from each other in this environment. However, for this community to flourish and for the lessons to yield abundant results and for our children to attain their full potential, parental reinforcement of the lessons is of paramount importance.

Parental involvement in the Montessori school is not only recommended, but in fact essential to the development and success of the children.

Opportunities to Participate

Throughout the year, our school offers multiple opportunities for parental involvement. From enrichment workshops and volunteer opportunities to family, social and community events, Cedar Park Montessori School and Sapientia Montessori School offer diverse activities to flexibly meet parents’ interests and schedules.

For more information on parental participation opportunities, please refer to our calendar of events or contact the Cedar Park Montessori School administration by phone at (512) 259-8495 or by email at