Primary Community

Primary: "Help it Myself"

Ages: 3-6 Years

Half Day: 8:00 am – 12:00 pm
Extended Day: 8:00 am – 3:00 pm
Full Day: 8:00 am – 5:30 pm

Children in our Primary program engage in a comprehensive three-year curriculum that spans everything from concrete tasks to the mastery of abstract concepts. It provides children with a solid grounding in core subjects which recur over future learning years, such as mathematics, language, geography, science, botany, zoology, art, music, culture and social studies, among others.

At the Primary level, the teacher introduces lessons individually through the Montessori Method. A child’s progression to the next level depends on his or her understanding and readiness. The teacher supervises a classroom environment that is carefully designed to promote creativity and expand self-guided learning, independence and socialization, all while observing and guiding where appropriate.

The Montessori approach allows children to work at their own pace until the concepts are mastered and the work is satisfactorily completed.

The Importance of Kindergarten and the 3-Year Cycle

Montessori’s Primary program is three years for a legitimate reason. It is imperative that the child completes the Kindergarten year in order to maximize the program’s benefits. To better understand this three-year cycle and how pivotal the Montessori Kindergarten year is, please watch this video.

From concrete-basic to abstract-complex understanding, the Montessori methodology nurtures the child’s growth through a carefully constructed, multi-year process that corresponds to the child's scientific stages of development. The Kindergarten year is when the child naturally flourishes. This is the time when learned concepts become anchored and personality traits begin to manifest themselves. Everything the child has experienced in the initial years becomes internalized and blooms during this pivotal year.

Kindergarten is also the year when children first take on the roles of mentor and leader — an experience that will serve them for life.